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Recipe Database

This recipe database provides a list of most menu items used in my catering functions, created at home or discovered through other talented cooks. Recipes may be viewed by choosing a category and searching on further from there. For a specific recipe or ideas for helping out with your next culinary adventure, please send me a quick e-mail through my contact page! Happy Cooking :)

Hot Drinks/Mocktails

Whatever the season it is always nice to get our fluids in. On a cold day looking to warm up or on a hot day and looking for something fresh that will leave you feeling energized? I've got you covered, take a look at the recipes, try them out and send me an e-mail or message to tell me about your experience.


Whether you are Vegan or just looking to introduce more vegetables into your diet this is a great spot to find some delicious and nutritious options.


From energy balls to home made ice cream and simple sweet options when you're craving sweets, this section will satisfy those cravings without leaving you in that energetic sugar crash afterwards.

Odds & Ends

Everything else that doesn't really fit in here or there, it's great to explore foods and flavours for any reason even if just for the sake of culinary art.

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