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Movement Therapy

Everyone has a different idea of what they hope to achieve when it comes to fitness and expression through movement. Being true to yourself and choosing the right style of fitness level/style for you is most important. My focus is on teaching people how to promote functional strength, exercise in a more natural way, provide a balanced fitness approach and to make sure my clients are having fun in finding the freedom to truly express themselves!

Movement Therapy/Personal Training

Having trouble staying motivated to stay in shape and stick to those fitness goals you've hoped to achieve?

Movement Therapy provides the care and attention you may need to finally get you working towards being fit and loving the body your in!

Client specific programs are designed to maximize the benefits gained from each session. While certain fitness goals may be the same, the path to achieving success isn't always the same. Bringing awareness to old injuries and sensations is a way we will create a practice unique to your desires.

Feel good about yourself, develop functional strength, break-free from the gym & start to enjoy the feeling/benefits of exercise.

Group Outdoor Training


Working with a group helps motivate us and develops a small support group for reaching your fitness goals.

All fitness levels are invited to join, variations are provided for any exercises that may seem too hard or too easy.

Being in the outdoors helps reconnect us with nature, feel the energy of the sun, enjoy the fresh air and have more fun!

After all, we should be staying fit because we want to, not because of feeling we have to.

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Dance & Yoga


Looking for an alternative style of fitness or just interested in deepening your own personal practice. Private yoga and dance sessions are available.


This form of strength and mobility building is more accessible than people think and will definitely turn your world upside down. 


Includes a step by step progressional format that requires focus and determination embedded into a regular practice. Open your eyes to a whole new level of balance!


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