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Focusing on using the best quality, natural ingredients is the most important decision when it comes to the food we eat. By going to farmer's markets buying local, organic and natural foods we help support our community and a growing interest in the quality of food available to us. Eating healthy doesn't have to to be expensive & can still taste great, while providing our fuel for life, eating should also be an enjoyable experience on all levels.

Private Catering

Business event or meeting?
Set up a free consult to decide on what type of catering is appropriate for you.

Nutrition on the mind?
Set up a meal plan that works together with your fitness goals to see results faster.

Looking to indulge your senses?
Take a break from cooking for yourself and stay in the comfort of your own home. A fine-dining experience brought into your home with a personal chef for the night!

Cooking Classes


"Cook someone a meal and feed them for a day, teach someone to cook and feed them for life."

Providing basic cooking techniques that compliments the type of food you want to create.

Special Diets

Healthy options/replacements

International Cuisine

Wine & Food Pairing

Specific Ingredient classes



An interesting concept & something we're all aware of. However, with all the research and knowledge that has been gained in this field it seems there is no simple solution.

Listening to your body and understanding what certain foods do for your body will help you choose an appropriate diet. There are obvious decisions and ones that may be a little more difficult.

Helping point you in the right direction is my job but everything takes time & eating right is ultimately up to you!

Quick Recipes
(Coming Soon!)

Click on the picture and be taken to a recipe index.

Here you can search through the recipe database, post your recipes and suggest recipes you might like to see.

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