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I have always been fascinated by the way things work. My curious attitude started me off taking a physics degree at the University of Lethbridge. Soon I found myself moving away from analytical/mathematical discovery and becoming more intrigued by the sensations we experience.

Spawning a new avenue of exploration that plays off of every sense we have available to us, I got my diploma in Culinary Arts. This provided excellent insight into exploring sensation and fuelling the body with nutritious and delicious foods. However, something was missing...



Taking some time to rediscover myself and the service I wanted to provide to the greater community I recognized the urge to find out more about the human potential through movement and mindfulness.

I got my personal training certification and got a job at a gym. From here I started to expand my knowledge around many different modalities of how & why we move.

From Yoga to Olympic Lifting, Kettlebells to Calisthenics, Martial Arts to Dance I became delighted with the congruencies between these practices and the differences that made them each unique. 

This ability to see a multitude of perspectives lends to my ability to help individuals progress at whatever their creative outlet and practice is shaped around.


Realizing I needed to offer more to the people around me to help them discover their true potential I became a registered massage therapist through Mount Royal University. This has allowed me to round out my tool box in what I offer to those seeking better overall health and wellness.

I am extremely grateful to provide my services to anyone looking for some positive encouragement in becoming the best versions of themselves possible!

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